Costa Rica Teacher's Trip

Friday, February 18, 2011

Facing Your Fears and Loving It!

Well, I did it! I know when I get back the first question from my students will be "Did you zipline?". My answer will be a resounding "YES." With my intense fear of heights, I wasn't so sure I could face that fear, but my students have been challenging me just to do it and get on with life. They were so right. Even though I woke this morning sick to my stomach, I knew it was just a case of nerves, and when the time came to take that leap of faith, support from my DSA friends (thanks, Kate) took me right up the stairs and off the platform to the adventure of a lifetime. advice to you, my students, is to remember that life is a balance where facing your fears will allow you to experience some of the greatest joys of life.


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