Costa Rica Teacher's Trip

Friday, February 18, 2011

Unusual sights ~ Unusual facts

Costa Rica is a wonderful blend of culture and sustainability! It was amazing to learn that by the year 2021, which is the 200th anniversary of Costa Rica's independence from Spain, Costa Rica plans to have a zero carbon footprint. Using power harnessed from their numerous volcanoes, and strategic placement of wind turbines, Costa Rica hopes to reduce its dependence on foreign oil.
Besides the awesome sights and sounds from our travels in the Costa Rica countryside, we also were treated to an amazing sugar cane burn off in the evening sky. Imagine the entire horizon ablaze in flames as the local farmers prepare for a sugar cane harvest the day before.
The last amazing fact is the besides the wonderful arabica coffee that is a long time product of Costa Rica, the pineapple has now imerged as a leading product. If you are going to pick up a pineapple, remember to choose one that is green as it indicates a more natural process than one that may have been chemically assisted to ripen.

We had a great day in Costa Rica!

Cathy and Katrina

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  1. I agree with Cathy it we learned a ton today. Not only did we do some amazing things we are learning a ton about the area. We are still on the look out for the howler monkeys. We heard them this morning but no sightings as of yet. Looking forward to tomorrow.

    M Wiberg


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