Costa Rica Teacher's Trip

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hello St. Aloysius from Filadelphia to Philadelphia

Day 1- Awoke at 2:30 am for a flight from Philadelphia to Costa Rica. We were thrilled to meet many members of our Discovery guide group in the Atlanta airport on the way and make new friends. Upon arrival at Guancaste airport (Liberia), we picked up bags and proceeded through immigration before boarding a comfortable tour bus that took us to our resort. The guide on the bus was fantastic and full of information on our destination. For instance, Costa Rica doesn't have seasons as we do in Pennsylvania. They have a rainy season or dry season. As we were driving, we passed through a town called Filadelphia!

Additionally, we learned about the education system here. There are over 1 million students in the public school system here (over 20% of their population are students!)

We arrived at the resort and were well received with a refreshing drink, our itinerary and other helpful information. After freshening up, we had a nice lunch and were able to view several Howler monkeys (one with a baby). Then we walked into Tamarind to watch the sunset from a lovely little restaurant on the beach.

Now we're full after a yummy dinner at the resort and ready to turn in to rest up for another exciting day tomorrow!

-Ed Scanlan

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Duration 5 days
When February 17 - 21, 2011
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